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We are run by people and passion. We form a special bond with your business and enjoy helping you make the right decisions for your IT solutions.

Value-Driven Service

Founded in 1982, our President, Jim Perrier, knew that our industry would be rapidly evolving. That foresight made us look at our business a little harder. Jim struggled with how to clearly communicate our culture so that all the employees would act and make decisions for our clients using the same set of values and knowledge. Over the years, the vision that Jim shared were condensed into what are now our core values. By understanding and supporting these principles, we can all respond in unison to similar circumstances on behalf of our clients. In other words, we act as a unit, all working toward the same goal.

At UDI, our core values are the essence of the UDI’s identity – the principles, beliefs, or philosophy of values.  Technology is far too situational to attempt to achieve anything through inflexible rules and policies. So, instead of using the typical procedural manual to guide our decision making, we use these core values to keep us on track, focused and fulfilled as employees for our clients!

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No Band-Aids
We possess an inner strength that allows us to hold on when the problem seems too challenging.
Create Raving Fans
We strive to exceed our client’s expectations by creating raving fans.
Bring Solutions, Not Problems
We learn from our experiences, to encourage new ideas and try new possibilities.
Be Accountable
Step up, drive it, and deliver it. We collaborate, communicate and we’re accountable. We do what we say we’ll do.
Do the Right Thing
What do you do when no one else is looking? Our team acts with integrity and honesty and focuses on putting ourselves in the shoes of others.
Achieve Excellence Together
Our team is hungry. We are passionate. We love tough problems and new challenges. We win and lose together.

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