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Data Assured Backup as a Service

Data backup that’s out of mind, but not out of reach.

Data backup is a strategy, not a product. Yet, even the most successful backup strategies fail because they are not given the proper attention to maintain the integrity of the backups.

Universal Data’s fully managed Data Assured backup-as-a-service solution delivers reliable backup, storage and recovery of mission-critical data and applications on a secure off-site infrastructure. Our team of engineers manage the whole solution with focus on backup and recovery, simplifying your processes, providing peace-of-mind.

Why consider Backup as a Service (BaaS)?

Unplanned events are difficult to predict, but system failure or data loss can occur at any moment. Protecting your business from the risk associated with these unfortunate tragedies is vital.

Backup as a service helps organizations minimize downtime and get back to business as fast as possible in the event of data loss incident such as:

  • Human errors
  • Hardware failures
  • Security breaches
  • Cybercrime/ransomware
  • Software errors
  • Theft
  • Natural disasters

Universal Data offers solutions to make sure you always have the IT backup solutions and data recovery plans in place to guarantee business continuity.

Benefits of Data Assured

Complete data protection for all your assets
Minimized data loss and downtime
High-speed data restoration
Reduced storage footprint and expenses
Fulfills numerous compliance requirements
Reliable and frequent backup services
Improved IT efficiency
Fully managed data protection


Regardless of your industry, most organizations handle confidential client data, making it essential to follow a constantly changing set of rules, regulations and guidelines. Simply not knowing what your legal obligations are is not an excuse, and regulatory compliance is critical for avoiding major fines.

We’re here to ensure that your data backup strategy is aligned with your compliance obligations, keeping you protected and clearing your team up to focus on delivering projects that support your primary business objectives.

Why Choose Universal Data?


We have more than 35 years of experience in managing data environments for small to mid-sized businesses.

Simplified Compliance

We’re experienced at navigating compliance requirements, helping clients to maintain compliance in an increasingly complex environment.

Premiere Support

Our dedicated 24/7/365 support desk is committed to driving your success.

Partnered in success

Universal Data harnesses Veeam software to ensure that your backup and recovery solution is best-of-breed.

Flexible retention policies

Whether the data is on-premise or in the cloud, we offer automatic repository disk space increases when usage exceeds 90% of allocated space. If you have legal retention periods or a preferred timescale we offer guidance to ensure your data remains available for as long as you need it and is stored in the most cost-effective way.

What's Included?

Setup and management of NAS sized to your protected data.

Veeam Enterprise/Enterprise+ licenses for each protected server.

10Mb/s port speed (additional bandwidth available at additional cost based on speed).

Automatic repository disk space increase when usage exceeds 90% of allocated space.

Complete monitoring and management of backup completions and status.

Quarterly test restores of data from onsite repository, as well as cloud repository to assure your data is available when you need it.

Case Study

Law firm falls victim to ransomware

One of the leading maritime law firms in the United States came to a halt after ransomware infiltrated their accounting and remote-access server.

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