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Reliable Protection for Virtual & Physical Environments

No business is immune from system failure or data loss. Whether it’s due to human error, natural disaster, power blackout or cyber attack, your business needs to be prepared in the event tragedy strikes. With managed data backup and recovery, you can minimize downtime and get back to business as fast as possible after an accident or disaster. But IT Disaster recovery planning isn’t a one-and-done exercise – you need to define, document and test your recovery process on an on-going basis to keep pace with IT and business change. You need a fully-functional copy of your environment on hand that will allow you to recover applications, data and workloads after a disruptive event – not just the servers they run on.

The traditional way of preparing for disaster recovery (DR) — by physically moving data off-site on tapes — is already old-fashioned. Cloud-based DR provides a number of advantages over the traditional approach. It allows you to save with a pay-as-you-go model, use a functionally unlimited storage capacity and get the flexibility of the cloud. At the same time, integration of the cloud in your off-site backup and recovery solution brings up new challenges that you need to address. You need to conduct business with complete confidence. UDI offers solutions to make sure you always have the IT backup solutions and data recovery plans in place to guarantee business continuity after a natural or manmade disaster.



Learn why and how data loss can adversely affect your business. UDI recognizes the importance of keeping your information safe with strong data backup policies, and we will gladly work with you to protect your company’s core asset: your data.

Business Continuity

UDI offers scalable solutions designed to address the unique requirements of your business. We help with scheduling and monitoring backups, as well as recovery of anything from individual file loss to total system failure. We provide you the assurance of knowing your company’s key data and applications are backed up and can be operational in the cloud with minimal time and effort in the case of disaster in your primary computing environment.

Disaster Recovery Services

Still thinking about disaster recovery as IT insurance? CIOs are now asking about resiliency for their overall business – not just data or IT. In fact, according to a DR Benchmark, roughly 50% of outages are caused by software or network failures while only 14% are weather related. The point is – the outage will happen. Don’t just prepare to recover; prepare to be resilient. Ultimately it’s about end-users being able to access the applications and services to run your business at optimal performance.Business and IT leaders are demanding predictable outcomes. UDI offers solutions that are: Fully-managed, Predictable, Comprehensive yet flexible, and proven.

Backup as a Service (BAAS)

Focus MORE On Your Business, Less On Your Infrastructure. Organizations are turning to backup-as-a-service to eliminate the heavy-lifting of running data protection in house. Despite the obvious benefits, this is not a decision taken lightly. That’s where UDI comes in. For uncompromised, enterprise-class protection, trust your backup and recovery operations to a partner leveraging proven solutions. We ensure unified, heterogeneous protection over virtually any workload. This gives you the freedom to move business forward with the confidence that your data is protected no matter what.

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