With 200,000 cyberattacks happening every week, it’s more important than ever before for businesses to re-examine their security practices. After all, cyberattacks can lead to financial, reputational and even legal damage. So, what’s the best way to be truly secure? It’s to implement advanced security measures and technologies that better protect your business from potential cyberattacks.

Advanced security solutions protect your computer systems and network from unauthorized access, whether that’s from a cybercriminal or a disgruntled employee. Moreover, they also help mitigate risk, quickly respond to incidents and ensure compliance with privacy regulations and standards.

Below, we explore the different kinds of advanced security options available for your business – and how to get started with them today.

What Makes Advanced Security….Advanced?

Firewalls and anti-virus software are all well and good, but they aren’t enough to sufficiently protect your organization. These solutions can only detect known threats and aren’t adaptable to new ones. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are only getting smarter, and are introducing new threats, hacks and breaches every single week. Anti-virus programs simply can’t compete against relentless attacks from savvy cybercriminals.

By contrast, advanced IT security solutions are always evolving and adapting to the latest security policies, practices and threats. At the same time, advanced security technologies take on a proactive approach, able to detect threats in real-time and address them before they cause further damage.

What are Different Advanced Security Solutions?

Luckily, there is a large variety of advanced IT security available out there to protect your organization. They include:

  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Adds a second layer of security protection by requiring users to verify their identification in a two or multi-step verification process.
  • Incident Response Planning: Ensures you have steps in place to contain, respond to and recover from a cyberattack with a proactive plan.
  • Data Loss Prevention: Lessens the risk of losing sensitive and confidential information across your network with comprehensive security processes and tools.
  • Security Awareness Training: Gives your staff the expertise and preparedness to recognize cyberthreats before they become a bigger issue.
  • Email Security: Protects your employees’ email inboxes from receiving malicious links and attachments to malware, spam and other unwarranted access.
  • Vulnerability Scanning: Scans your system for vulnerabilities and corrects them before attackers exploit them.
  • Patch Management: Identifies, tests and deploys updates to your software to ensure your system is up to date against the latest threats.
  • End-Point Protection: Monitors and protects endpoints like desktops, tablets and smartphones against cyberthreats.
  • Managed Security: Safeguards investments and makes certain compliance regulations are followed with security monitoring and operation of managed devices.
  • Managed Firewall: Unburdens your organization from having to manage the security service of your firewall with outside monitoring and management.

How Universal Data Inc. Can Help

In today’s world of savvy cybercriminals and intricate cyberthreats, simplistic anti-virus programs and one-layered protection just isn’t enough. For your business to be truly proactive in mitigating (and recovering from) a cyberattack, you need advanced security solutions that go a step further.

Luckily, Universal Data Inc. Provides all the advanced security technology and processes mentioned above – and even more. Get in touch with our security experts to see how to get started.