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Founded in 1982 our President, Jim Perrier, knew that our industry would be rapidly evolving. That foresight made him think of a name that would adapt with the times, Universal Data, Inc. As you can imagine many of our competitors from 1982 are no longer in business. That foundation for adaptation to change carries over to our employees, our culture, and customers. Chameleons possess a host of physical adaptations which help them survive and thrive to new environments which is why we say we are the chameleons of IT.


We are agile, they are able to dabble in numerous things to find the most effective solutions for you.Technology is far, far too situational to attempt to achieve anything through inflexible rules and policies.


Our ability to be nimble and adapt to trends is a key advantage for our clients.


It’s important that we approach all aspects of our business in an ethical way. Our Core Values helps to guide us and keep us focused on our priorities. We welcome feedback and want you to feel able to talk to us. If something isn’t working, we want to know about it so we can get it right.


Our work is performed to the highest levels of quality, to ensure we exceed your expectations. We maintain our quality through rigorous internal processes. It’s not a transnational relationship; we’re a proactive partner that works hand-in-hand with you, helping you achieve your goals and adding value to your business.


Our passion for developing exciting, new solutions fuels our inventive and innovative culture. Our customers don’t just see us as a supplier of IT support but as a trusted strategic partner that helps them develop groundbreaking new strategies to transform their busienss.


We place a great deal of pride in ensuring we have created a personalized relationship with our clients, consultants as well as our internal teams. We truly care and it’s apparent in the way we work with you.

Our Story

Founded in 1982, our President, Jim Perrier, knew that our industry would be rapidly evolving. 

A decade ago, the best technology solutions were available only to those companies with large budgets and IT resources. Today, the pendulum has shifted, and we are proud to be a part of that shift.

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