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Sixty percent of IT decision-makers say that cloud computing has given their teams more time to focus on strategy and innovation. But getting there isn’t easy.The cloud is not a one-size fits all solution, nor is it likely to replace your IT infrastructure. Each model needs to be designed to fit your specific business goals. With such a wide range of messaging, discovering your cloud agenda is a confusing endeavor. Some companies want to use cloud for test and development, others for production, still others for backup and recovery. We work closely with you to define your goals while ensuring your data is secure and available when and where you need it.


Wondering how to select the Best Cloud for your needs? Know what you can gain by moving your infrastructure to the Cloud?

Cloud Computing Management and Solutions


In the business IT realm, the term cloud describes how applications and services are being delivered.
Many companies in the Gulf Coast area are turning to the cloud because its flexible computing environment boosts efficiency, promotes collaboration and ensures business operations in the event of a disaster. But, because cloud computing is so easy and affordable, it’s also vital that proper security and backup measures are in place to protect your data.

Whether you’ve already invested in the cloud (partly cloudy) and need to optimize your infrastructure, or want to make the move but don’t know where to begin, UDI is here to help. Our experts develop the optimum balance between public, private and hybrid, plus makes sure everything integrates seamlessly with your on premise environment—all while minimizing your risk.

Infrastructure as a Service

Always have the computing power you need while we take on the responsibility for the hardware, software and all the maintenance.

Connect from Where You Are

Eliminate your need to purchase or install costly gateways or hard-to-manage servers. Leverage our offsite equipment with full enterprise features. We route your calls into our offsite hosted voice system, enabling you to work from anywhere within a predictable monthly investment.

Hosted Phones

Expensive and complex business phone systems can keep resources constrained and IT departments from being able to focus on key business initiatives. Selection of a cloud-based VoIP phone system like UDI’s eliminates IT constraints, reducing resource costs and freeing your team to focus on growing your business while still ensuring important security measures. If running a phone system is not a core competency of your company, why waste valuable resources doing it?

Office 365

Empower your workforce to work from any device, anywhere, anytime. Get all your Office applications including Email, Calendar, Contacts, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.Enjoy quality support, migration and consulting services for Office 365, plus gain all the productivity tools you need to grow without the worry of managing them.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

A backup and recovery plan is essential when migrating to the cloud, and unexpected events happen to even the most secure businesses. Data loss and downtime can also violate compliance and legal requirements, costing you fines and loss of business. We restore everything from single files and critical applications to entire systems with lightning speed.

Cross-Industry Expertise

We support customers across industries. So whether you’re in healthcare, government, financial services, retail, nonprofit or any other sector that faces unique challenges, we can help. And chances are, we’ve done it before.

Confused about the Cloud?


Private Cloud

Private clouds are utilized by many IT organizations to redirect their focus building to managing infrastructure. By combining virtualization with automation, private cloud enables various business units to automatically provision their data needs.

The main benefit of private cloud is the ability for you to remain in control and compliant while allowing users to allocate services as needed. Private cloud gives you the agility of public cloud with the security of private infrastructure.

Public Cloud

The most recognizable model of cloud computing to many consumers is the public cloud model, under which cloud services are provided in a virtualized environment, constructed using pooled shared physical resources, and accessible over a public network such as the internet.

To some extent they can be defined in contract to private clouds which ring-fence the pool of underlying computing resources, creating a distinct cloud platform to which only a single organization has access. Public clouds, on the other hand, provide services to multiple clients using the same shared infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is an integrated cloud service utilizing both private and public clouds to perform distinct functions within the same organization.

All cloud computing services should offer certain efficiencies to different degrees but public cloud services are likely to be more cost efficient and scalable that private clouds. With hybrid cloud, an organization can maximize their efficiencies by employing public cloud services for all non-sensitive operations, only relying on a private cloud where they require it, with it ensuring that all platforms are seamlessly integrated.

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