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Cybersecurity Services that Secure Your Success

Cyber threats have evolved and your cybersecurity should too. A data breach or cyber attack is never a case of “if,” but “when, and how extensive?” When your data is always on the line, it’s vital that you partner with certified security experts who can provide the cybersecurity solutions you need. At Universal Data, we work with you to understand your business risks and deploy the correct cybersecurity services to address your security concerns.

The Layers of Cybersecurity Protection

Simplify the Complex Threat Landscape

Elevate your cybersecurity defenses to better protect, detect and respond to endpoint threats, even those designed to evade traditional security controls. Identify and prevent more threats so you can focus on your business.


Managed Security:

Safeguard investments and meet compliance regulations with continuous enterprise network security monitoring and operational administration of managed devices.

Managed Firewall:

Managed next-generation firewall delivers intelligence-enhanced threat protection, around-the-clock device health and security event monitoring, and management of changes, patching, and upgrades. Allow your business to eliminate malicious inbound and outbound traffic through threat intelligence, while removing the burden of device management.

24x7 Security Operations Center:

Enjoy next-generation detection and response as a service through an always-on SOC. This solution helps see more, know more, and take the right action, using impactful threat intelligence and 24×7 monitoring while eliminating the high costs of in-house security operations.


Security Awareness Training:

Arm your employees with knowledge so that they can fend off cybercriminal attacks. Our experts will prepare your staff with a comprehensive suite of security awareness and education initiatives.


Multifactor Authentication:

Verify the identity of employees with multifactor authentication, a second level of security. You can expedite the login process and verify the health of user devices with single sign-on (SSO) software.


Email Security:

Filter out malicious and spam emails from employee inboxes. This system protects with software like virus scanning, spam scoring, real-time intent analysis, URL link protection and reputation checks.

Incident Response:

Make methodical plans to mitigate cybersecurity breaches. If a nefarious incident occurs, the proper steps are taken to contain, minimize and learn from the event, so it does not happen again.

Content Filtering:

Boost productivity and minimize access to objectionable content with this software. As part of your firewall solution, you can be sure that unwanted content doesn’t appear on your devices.

Data Loss Prevention:

Identify, monitor and automatically protect sensitive information across your entire data network. We can safeguard personal information like credit card and social security numbers or health records.

Advanced End-Point Protection:

Next-generation antivirus (NGAV) is more effective than signature-based antivirus, but also requires new skills. Identify and stop new and advanced threats that may evade traditional antivirus.


Continuous Vulnerability Scanning:

Search for all weak points in your data network and reinforce them before a security breach occurs. From top to bottom, you can have visibility on all facets of your network.

Patch Management:

Keep all of your systems up-to-date and avoid security risks. As you expand your number of workstations, servers and remote access devices, you must keep them current with the latest security standards.

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