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June 2020 Business Continuity Tips

June 04, 2020 | Blog

It’s not too late to establish a Business continuity plan for navigating hurricane season through a crisis. The key is the message that is provided to your employees, your customers, and your suppliers/interconnected businesses.

Educate your workforce – both about what they should be doing to assist the company but also how they should undertake efforts to keep themselves and others healthy.

Focus on factors you can control. Take action. Prioritize safety. Follow governmental guidelines. Monitor communications. Educate and cross-train employees. Create back-ups.

Think about your inter-dependencies and have options. No matter how successful your efforts are, you rely on your critical vendors for support. Ensure they are as prepared as your company is to navigate the crisis.

Identify and understand the impact of the plan on your essential business functions and all supporting resources. Estimate the maximum interruption, and develop strategies.

Make necessary upgrades to the company’s infrastructure now, particularly to remote capabilities.

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