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More than support, it’s the relationship that makes managed IT work.

New Orleans Managed IT Services for Your Business

Rest easy knowing your technology is supported by fast, friendly, and helpful IT experts.

Our managed IT services not only keeps your business data safe, but also helps you grow.

Whether your team is working in the office or working remotely, we can help you increase efficiency, reduce costs, and keep your data secure.

Increase Efficiency – Our managed IT services ensure your team has the IT support they need to work at their best, whether in the office or remote. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to productivity.

Reduce Costs – With our comprehensive IT solutions, you can say goodbye to costly hardware and software expenses. Plus, our team takes care of maintenance and upgrades, saving you time and money.

Stay Secure – Protect your valuable business data with our strong security measures. From data backups to cybersecurity, we have you covered. And with remote monitoring and support, your data is safe no matter where your team is working from.

Our Managed IT Services for New Orleans are:

Responsive: Our managed IT services team provides critical support promptly and with a caring approach. The faster the response and support, the better your business operates.

Consultative: Our team is strongly focused on customer service and solutions. We strive to create a valuable IT partnership and work with you to make sure your technology aligns with your business goals.

Security-focused: We put security first and ensure our clients are well protected and well informed on cyber protection. An IT Partner handling any kind of data must have robust security measures.

Local: We understand the unique challenges and needs of businesses in New Orleans and southeast Louisiana. Trust in the knowledge and experience of a team based in New Orleans.

Flexible: We are sincerely invested in the success of your business. We seek to make connections and relationships with your staff so they feel we are an extension of your team.

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An Entire Managed IT Services Team At Your Side

Our managed IT services aim to align technology with your business objectives and mitigate any IT-related risks that could impede your progress. We firmly believe that your IT infrastructure should not cause you stress or anxiety, which is why we offer a personalized, human touch to our services to provide the highest quality of support and solutions for any technology issues.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Our satisfaction guarantee is a testament to our commitment to your satisfaction. If, within the first 90 days of our services, you decide to cancel, we will refund your onboarding fees in full.

By choosing Universal Data as your IT partner, you can be confident that you are gaining access to a team of certified and driven IT experts who will work closely with you to achieve your business goals.

Whether you have an internal IT team or no internal IT, we have managed IT plans that are designed to ensure your technology needs are met and your business is positioned for success.


SmartCARE Elite:

Management for your entire IT infrastructure. Our goal is to know your organization inside and out. This duty enables us to serve as your technology partner, with a focus on providing solutions to your business challenges.


SmartCARE Pro:

Monitoring and management that helps organizations of all sizes quickly pinpoint issues within their server environments by proactively monitoring both physical and virtual servers, as well as the operating systems, applications, and data running on the hardware platforms.


SmartCARE Remote:

Offsite monitoring and management for your systems benefit you with minimal disruption to your employees. This service includes unlimited help desk support. We act upon any changes, updates or announcements in the IT industry that could impact your business.


SmartCARE Network Management:

Operate on a stronger and more dependable connection for your devices. Your network will be cared for, even during off-hours. This effort helps your staff perform their daily tasks more efficiently and effectively, increasing their overall productivity.


Backup & Recovery Management:

Enjoy dependable and secure access to your vital data and documents. Ensure you’re investing in your data’s longevity with this proactive backup management. It monitors potential threats to your data, calculates the impact of data loss and provides access to online backups.

Managed Security:

With trained security experts and advanced technology working together, the latest threats are detected, prevented, and remediated from your network. Allowing enterprise level security on a small business budget.

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