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Managed Services

Focus on Your Goals, Undisturbed!Leave Your IT Support to Us

Managed Services with UDI offers freedom – freedom from incidents, emergencies and reoccurring problems that come with monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure. We remove the weight of managing technology so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.

Our Managed Services portfolio offers more than just extra hands and bodies. We provide you with years of knowledge and the most up-to-date technical solutions available. We provide 24/7/365 support – end-user support, Help Desk support and support with fixing nagging issues that pull valuable resources off important projects. Finally, we provide customer service that guarantees your satisfaction. With UDI, you can leverage the latest technology with fewer headaches and less overhead. This means more time and manpower to focus on your strategic goals, and a larger return on your IT investment.


Ready to outsource your IT but don’t know where to start? Read how you can equip yourself to choose your ideal technology partner. Know what questions to ask, what to look for, and how to test your provider from all aspects. Make the right choice for your business!

Fully Managed Services

Cost-Conscious, Cutting Edge Solutions.

It all begins with an understanding that clients do not invest in technology for the sake of technology. Technology investments are driven by business and organizational challenges and the applications, tools, and systems are simply a means to an end. By focusing on this simple premise, UDI provides real solutions to business challenges. Explore our solutions and discover a partner committed to you.

Network Monitoring & Management

Network managed services delivers the monitoring and operational capabilities required for full lifecycle management of a deployed solution. Once a network is deployed, it’s important to have on going visibility into how the network is performing. UDI’s Network Monitoring & Management is designed to extend the capabilities of your staff.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your business has a unique mix of systems, some more critical than others and disaster can strike at any time. UDI’s Backup & Disaster recovery solutions are designed to offer protection of data on-premises, or in private or public clouds to businesses of all sizes and industries. We protects your entire IT footprint with the right level of protection for each workload, ensuring lower costs and dependable outcomes.

Cloud Managed Services

Technology consultants today spend a lot of time telling you to get into the cloud. UDI knows cloud computing is about more than simple participation. We design strategies and customized platforms that put you in control of your cloud computing. Our expertise in cloud and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) helps us design solutions that harness the power of the cloud for your business.

IT Outsourcing

Imagine having a fully staffed IT department, fluent in all of the latest technologies, and capable of handling everything from simple desktop fixes to managing backups and complex network configurations – all without any of the overhead. UDI’s IT outsourcing service enables you to focus on your core business by giving you the power of a dedicated IT department. We become a strategic and tactical extension of your business, eliminating the personnel costs and physical space requirements of a traditional IT department.

Server Monitoring & Management

Due to the critical nature of many server-based applications, downtime can have a significant business and financial impact on organizations – resulting in lost revenues, reduced productivity and decreased customer confidence. UDI’s Server Monitoring & Management helps organizations of all sizes quickly pinpoint issues within their server environments by proactively monitoring the physical and virtual servers, as well as the operating systems, applications, and data running on the hardware platforms.

Managed Hosted Phones

In the past, most phone systems required buying hardware and paying someone to install and maintain it. With UDI’s Hosted Phone system, your phone service is delivered. UDI offers a cloud-based business phone system that offers enterprise-grade calling features, improves reliability, and enables mobile users—while cutting your phone bills by over 50%. You can bundle this service with other Managed Services to complement offer additional cost savings.

CyberDefense Training

Cybersecurity continues to be the biggest technology issue for businesses both large and small. Your users need to be trained and then stay on their toes, keeping security top of mind. On average, companies who deploy security training see a 90% decrease in phishing susceptibility. Interested in adding CyberDefense Training in your managed IT package? Our experts will work with you to create custom training campaigns that meet your unique needs and give you actionable reports to improve end-user security.

Want to Fully Outsource Your IT Department?
Choose the Model that Best Suits Your Requirements.

Ultra Plan Supplemental plan
for your IT team
Ultra Premium Plan Your complete
IT department
24 x 7 x 365 Emergency After-Hour Support & Alert Response
Scheduled Strategy Review
Monthly Executive Reports
Backup Management
Dedicated Online Client Portal
Software Application Updates
Systems Documentation
Uptime Control and Monitoring
Systems Reporting & Trend Analysis
Hardware/Software Inventory Management
Dedicated Technical Advisor
License & Contract Support Management
Business Review and Planning Meetings
Semi-Annual Network Assessment
5 Years of Finance Officer Support
Desktop Optimization
Anti-Virus, Malware, Spyware Threat Management
Security Patch Management
Unlimited Help Desk Support
On-Site Support
Customized Web Content Filtering
Optional Services Choose the services that
meet your business needs
  • Hosted Exchange: Basic Cloud or Advanced
  • Office 365
  • Cloud 2 Cloud Backup
  • U-Synched Tool
  • Universal Voice Hosted VOIP
  • Universal Cloud
  • Virus/Malware Protection
  • Managed Firewall
  • Data Cloud Backup and Recovery
  • Solutions
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