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The real applause is for our incredibly talented staff.
It is their commitment that drives our mutual success.

At UDI, our most valuable assets are our employees. This is why our slogan is, “In technology, the people are the difference.” Our staff comprising individuals who love to learn, work, and have fun, is what has made it possible for us to refine our processes to the point where is it unrivaled in the competitive market place.

At any given time, we are operating well above our minimum production-staff requirement, which means you will never need to worry about your internal process breaking down due to loss of trained staff.
Business growth, even exponential growth, is no longer limited by personnel or infrastructure resources. Instantly, you will be able to scale your business process to the expanded needs of your company with no capital expenditures or additional staff.

We know we have a great team, but perhaps most importantly, by infusing a bit of ‘human touch’ into the process, we have exponentially augmented the benefits of technology. But more importantly, you agree!
We have collected insightful feedback from our clients to help you get a glimpse of how valuable our employees are to your success and that their hard work and training have paid off.

“I just wanted to say thank you for all of the hard work over the past weeks and months to help put together the firewall and Network packages. It means a lot to me that I have such a dedicated team to help me with everything. I do not know how I could have managed to put everything together with everyone. It has been a battle but I think we have the best package in place to push this over the hump. Thank you again!”

– Senior System Administrator, R.T. Casey

CRN’s annual Tech Elite 250 list features solution providers who differentiate themselves by investing in certifications in the area of infrastructure, including data center, storage and virtualization. The selection team maps certifications against technology opportunities (as defined by our State of the Market and Midmarket studies) and builds this list based on the certifications within each solution provider organization.

For solution providers, the technical skills of some of their most valued workers-pre-sales engineers, system designers, developers and customer support personnel-can become obsolete in almost no time. And when they do become obsolete, so can solution providers.

UDI was founded with the ability to adapt to change as technology does.
We are proud to state that we have been named to this list, since its inauguration in 2011.

From its inception, First NBC Bank has become one of the area’s primary lending institutions.
“Universal Data Inc. is unique in that they have expertise in multiple areas of technology and allow the customer the flexibility to choose what is right for their business. They can support you from decision support all the way to implementation and truly add value at every step. They have earned our business since the Bank opened and consistently shown the ability to keep it. They continue to deliver the highest levels of service. UDI is one of our most important partnerships.”

– Daniel Hereford, First NBC Bank

“Anyone can read instruction manual and install computer equipment but if you are in trouble and you need experts, the only people in Louisiana who can parachute in and bail you out is UDI.”

– Peter Haas, Former CIO, Louisiana Supreme Court

“I have been using Universal Data, Inc. at my company, ADEETA Corporate Staffing, since 1998. Over the years, as technology changed, so did they. Most recently we had a very good experience with Jay, one of their field techs. He is prompt, courteous, professional and very personable. On top of that, he is great at communicating with those of us that don’t speak GEEK (that would be me). We know UDI has many large companies as clients and though we are a small business, we always feel that we get the attention we deserve. You can also count on their honesty and integrity – which stems from their owner. If you are looking for a tech company that can handle a variety of tech issues, for both large and small companies, then you should contact them to learn how they can be of service to you.”

– Lola K. Lass, CTS, CSP, President/Owner

“Hotel Management of New Orleans just completed a very difficult, lengthy and time consuming project. It involved moving our organizations seven locations from a T1 based WAN to a Fiber/MPLS based WAN. This project included installing fiber, upgrading our NEC phone switches and replacing necessary network routers and switches. Unfortunately it also included working with the bureaucracy and incompetency of two of our larger vendors. However, the level of support provided by UDI was first-rate; above and beyond the normal call of duty. For 80% of the project we were supported by Jeremy Howard. Jeremy provided us with excellent support. He always did the necessary pre-planning, was on time, very knowledgeable of working with switches, VLANS and routers, worked well and patiently with our staff and the other vendors. This was not an easy task since the other vendors always blamed their problems on our network and Jeremy always had to prove that it was not our network but their configurations. In summary Jeremy did an excellent job, helped promote the good reputation of UDI and I would recommend both UDI and him in a heartbeat. For the other 20% of the project we used Richard Tando and the UDI sales staff. Richard provided the usual quality of support we are accustomed to from him and the sales staff proved themselves equally as efficient and competent as well.
I would like to thank and congratulate Jeremy, Richard, Simon and the other staff members of UDI who without their support this project would have been much more difficult if not impossible.”

– Spencer Stewart, Technology Director, Hotel Management of New Orleans

“This kind of “looking out for the customer” is why we don’t look anywhere else for help.”

– Zane Looney, IT Director, St. Bernard Parish Hospital

“We finally completed our French Market Inn Phones over our MPLS project. This project was very time
consuming and frustrating but Jeremy did an excellent job. He configured everything as described in
preparation of the cut over. He was available as needed, worked well with EarthLink, ForeRunner and Troy. His debugging skills and patience were excellent. It was a pleasure working with him on this project. Thanks for the excellent support.”

– Hotel Management New Orleans

“Over the course of time UDI has been servicing MHSD, your support desk has continuously exhibited patience and professionalism. At times, I tend to have minor and major technical issues and UDI consistently treats me with respect and great courtesy. You always follows up promptly and ensure all my needs have been met, once my service ticket has been addressed. I just wanted to make UDI administration aware that the service team has truly exemplified customer service! Thanks so much.”

– Desirée Packard, Metropolitan Human Services District

“I wanted to take a brief moment to reach out to you and let you know how much I’ve appreciated the help from you and your full staff at UDI this past year. While I don’t necessarily get all of the viruses and things that can plague a business or system here at Landis, my “IT Challenges” over the years (and more recently) have been somewhat unique and perplexing to both of us, while probably frustrating at times for your team members. At the risk of leaving out anyone or not specifically giving credit to everyone who is involved and deserving, one particular Technician of yours stands out in my mind when I think of UDI.

Andrew J. McGuire has been a constant source of solutions with my IT challenges and issues, and he comes along to address each new challenge with a really positive attitude. He’s superbly responsive (as are Jacinta, Tiffany, Jay, and the entire UDI team), highly professional, cool under pressure, and super accommodating. I wanted to thank him for his constant help and availability, and let you all know how much I and many of the others here at Landis appreciate the support and consistency provided by Andrew, Jay, and the rest of Universal Data Systems. I frequently try to reiterate to my project team members that our job, while primarily focused on constructing buildings, is really a Service-Oriented Business, and that one of the best things we can do each day is to be highly responsive and attentive to our clients’ needs.

It’s nice and appreciated to be able to experience that type of culture with you, Andrew, and the many other contributors and leaders at UDI, so for that I wanted to thank you and make you aware so that you could give credit to your key team members. Thanks again.”

– Kyle D. Condon, Chief Construction Officer, LANDIS CONSTRUCTION CO., LLC,

“Just wanted to send you a note letting you know the great job Jay Tredanari and Mike DeBarbieris did on the recent projects. The Outlook migration did hit some snags but I was not expecting it to be painless. Mike was very helpful and responsive and I think we have all accounts working as it should. Jay must have dotted all his I’s and crossed all his T’s on the upfront work because the server install was seamless. I have always enjoyed working with Jay and happy he is our regular technician.”

– Craig Brechtel, Administrator, Gaudry, Ranson, Higgins & Gremillion, LLC
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