It’s nearly impossible to operate a growing, successful business without technology. From managing finances to communicating with clients, technology is integral in the process of keeping your business up and running. However, working toward a secure and efficient technology foundation for your workflow requires much time and effort. This is where outsourcing IT maintenance and support can help, allowing you and your team to focus more on your core operations and activities. IT support teams that offer outsourcing IT maintenance, management, and security for their clients are often called Managed Service Providers or MSPs. These firms partner with your business to provide a holistic approach to securing your data and operational IT environment.

Some of the services commonly provided by MSPs are:

  • Response to IT incidents to help mitigate any damage
  • Continuous remote monitoring to detect and prevent potential security issues within your systems
  • Patch and version management so your systems are running on the most appropriate updates
  • Onsite support for more complex issues that require physical maintenance
  • Cloud hosting and migration services to help you better leverage cloud tools and workflow
  • Hosted VoIP services that can reduce your operational costs
  • Backup and disaster recovery solutions to help secure your critical company and client data

Outsourcing IT support and maintenance can be a great way for businesses of all sizes to free up resources, save money, and give their teams more time to focus on core functions. Here are a few advantages to partnering with a trusted IT support vendor for outsourced IT management and security.

Cost-Efficiency of Outsourcing IT

Hiring in-house employees to manage your technology can be expensive, especially for small and mid-sized businesses. According to, the average IT employee with four to six years of industry experience commands a salary of $80,462 (USD) per year. “For small to mid-size businesses, outsourcing IT support and maintenance can be cost-efficient, reducing the added expense of hiring costs, salaries, taxes, and other benefits.

Access to Expertise

The technology landscape is constantly evolving. It’s difficult for small and mid-sized businesses to find and retain skilled IT professionals. As a company grows, its technology needs expand, often requiring very specialized assistance in technologies such as:

Focus on Core Business Workflow

You want your focus to be on growing your business and expanding your customer, not fixing technology-related issues. Outsourcing IT allows you to channel your resources toward business development and other critical areas of company excellence.

Improved Security with Outsourcing IT

Cybersecurity breaches are becoming more rampant, and businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to these threats. Outsourcing IT provides you with access to reliable security measures that will help keep your business secure from external threats such as:

Smaller businesses often do not have the resources needed to protect their technology from cyber threats, which makes outsourcing an effective way to protect their business data and sensitive customer information.


As businesses grow, their technology needs also grow. Scaling up an in-house IT team may be quite challenging, and it is definitely time-consuming and expensive. Outsourcing IT support and maintenance to a trusted IT support vendor enables businesses to scale up or down easily, depending on their needs. The flexibility of outsourced technical support enables businesses to adapt to changing circumstances without being limited by their existing technological resources.

As a Managed Service Provider, letting Universal Data Inc. handle your technology support and maintenance provides a wide range of benefits for your business, regardless of your company’s size. From cost savings and access to IT specializations to improved security and scalability, outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business processes while knowing your technology is in good hands. With these advantages, it’s no surprise that outsourcing technology security, maintenance, and support is becoming the preferred option for businesses looking to operate efficiently and cost effectively.

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