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Security Asessments

Every company is a target and no company is beyond reach. Are you prepared? A security assessment will help you discover hidden vulnerabilities and remediate them.

How Can You Protect What You Don’t Know?

Protecting Yourself from Cyber Criminals

The actors in cyberspace who we need to worry about today are not the hobbyists who write viruses for sport. Rather, we should be highly aware of criminal enterprises and state-sponsored cyberespionage actively stealing data. Criminals are after data that can be monetized and often employ fictitious emails known as spear phishing which dupe users into clicking links that result in infection as a means to steal data, often including personal identifiable information (PII). Worse yet, state sponsored attacks are very advanced and employ elusive techniques to infiltrate a corporate network in order to extract intellectual property such as designs, source code, and sensitive account information. We are finding every company is a potential target and no company is beyond reach. Are you prepared?

Securing Networks, Protecting Our Customers

If an organization does not take the time to properly secure its enterprise, the repercussions can be severe. Heavy fines, lawsuits, loss of critical data, and significant reputation damage are common consequences of a successful data breach.

Actionable Security Assessment Reports

Our team reviews collected data and will provide an integrated network security analysis report. This report goes beyond the typical reporting provided by commercial scanning tools. Our consultants draw on their extensive experience and knowledge, ensuring that all vulnerabilities are categorized and documented. We use our in-depth reports, which feature detailed remediation steps, to clearly identify and describe critical vulnerabilities, and to provide a customized roadmap that leads your organization to a secure state.

Increasing Your Security Posture and Resisting Attacks

Finding and fixing vulnerabilities is certainly a goal of any security assessment. With UDI’s extensive line of security services, our consulting team can help your organization successfully identify and remediate vulnerabilities, thus increasing your security posture and ability to resist attacks.

Security Assessment Services

A Security Assessment provides an in-depth review of your ability to protect information assets against relevant threats.

Incident Response Management & Planning

Incident management is the process used by IT Operations teams to respond to an unplanned event or service interruption and restore the service to its operational state. An incident is resolved when the affected service resumes functioning in its intended state. This includes only those tasks required to mitigate impact and restore functionality.These types of incidents can vary widely in severity, ranging from an entire global web service crashing to a small number of users having intermittent errors. At UDI, our team will help your organization identify the steps in the IT incident management process that your organization needs to employ to resond to a unforseen event.

Vulnerability Assessment

An initial step to creating your information security program, our Network Vulnerability Assessment defines, identifies, classifies and prioritizes vulnerabilities in your information systems, applications and network infrastructure. Then, we provide you with the necessary awareness, knowledge, and understanding of risk and potential threats to empower you to act on them accordingly.

Penetration Testing

Our penetration testing experts partner with you to simulate the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of real-world attackers to discover your critical vulnerabilities and remediate them before they’re exploited.

Purple Team Assessment

A highly collaborative process that renders invaluable insight through real-world attack and defense scenarios. Our Purple Team services allow you to hire a team of hackers to identify vulnerabilities in your security posture, allowing you to “plug the holes” before you’re compromised.

Social Engineering

Social engineering involves an attempt to gain unauthorized access to information through the human element, thus assessing the effectiveness of an organization’s security training, policies, and procedures. Examples of this include phishing emails, pre-texting, and baiting.

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