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Organized, Structured Cabling Solutions

Get the speed you need in your network and technology applications to make them perform at their optimal level. Even with the most advanced equipment, your speed can be greatly affected if your cabling is not Well-structured, robust and properly installed and maintained.

Our Structured Cabling Solutions are geared to give you state-of-the-art cable management that is non-messy, scalable, fast-paced and cost-effective. We design, install and provide full support of communications cabling and networking systems to help you earn optimum Return on Investment.

We are a Certified Leviton Authorized Network Installer. All installations performed by UDI are compliant with Leviton specified TIA/EIA and/or ISO installation practices. We install industry-standard Leviton approved products and category compliant cabling.


Our Structured Cabling solutions take away the pains and troubles of point-to-point cabling that lead to congested and messed up cables that slowdown speed, lead to downtime, are hard to trace and block up airways. No more unused cables blocking pathways overhead or under the floor. Our neat, planned out cabling allows easier access, higher speed and increased uptime for your data center, network infrastructure and technology applications.

Networks Serviced

Get a full suite of services for local-area networks (LAN) and wide-area networks (WAN). From installing new networks to modifying existing ones, we take care of all your cabling needs.

Fiber Optic Networks

We build, install, integrate and maintain your fiber optic networks to ensure seamless and uninterrupted data transfer at greater speed over longer distances.

Future Prepared

With UDI network cabling, you are best prepared to scale up your infrastructure for the latest developments in IoT, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Intelligent Buildings.

Security & Surveillance

Our comprehensive, high quality structured cabling provides optimal support to your security cameras and wireless access, building automation systems, intelligent lighting and sensors.

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