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What makes UDI different?


It is a long established fact that every businesses is unique and so is the way we partner with you.

We are run by people and passion. We form a special bond with your business and enjoy helping you make the right decision.


Your Business First

Our approach takes you from wherever you are now to where you really want to be. We do this by working together on your journey and keeping each other accountable along the way to realizing your dreams.

Your Best Employee

We understand that we are an extension of your team, and we are not satisfied until we become your best employee. Simply put, we want to make you look good. 

An IT Chameleon

When founded, UDI had a mission to evolve with the times. Much like our friend the chameleon, we operate with agility, allowing us to predict and respond to customer and employee needs, when needed.

Our Story

Founded in 1982 our President, Jim Perrier, knew that our industry would be rapidly evolving.

The UDI Way

Traditionally, technology companies design from a technology-first perspective, not from an end-user experience perspective. UDI does things differently. We start by studying the end users to determine how they’ll use the technology.

Partners in Success
UDI has Partnered with these Industry Leaders